My name is Jules and CandleAmor is my ultimate passion project.
I find peace and tranquility in candle wax, and want to share it with the world.

My journey began when I was sitting in my living room and looking at a beautiful $45 artisan candle that smelled like absolute magic. Unfortunately, much like other candles that I've purchased in the past, it burned out within an hour of lighting. At the time I didn't realize that the wick was all wrong for this candle, I was just really disappointed. There was still over 80% of the candle left but it refused to re-light, so I took it upon myself to bring the candle back to life.

I went to my favorite craft store, Michael's, to pick up some extra wax and new wick. Next thing I knew I was learning about the history of candle making and the intricacies of wax composition, fragrances, and colors. Needless to say, my local craft store wasn't going to cut it so I decided to drive to Pennsylvania from New York to pick up 200 pounds of brand new wax from the candle warehouse.

When one thing led to another I just followed the path.

With the support and help of my fiance, parents, and great friends I was able to create my favorite pastime (I could not do this without them).

My first round of candles came out stunning; my second round- total disaster. It turns out that even slight differences have a huge impact on the final result (I poured the melted wax too quickly). It took numerous attempts and failed batches of candles, but I finally discovered how to make the perfect candle. I decided to gift my closest family and friends with candles to get some feedback. Before the first candle was fully unwrapped I got a warm feeling in my stomach and noticed that loving half smile on their faces, we knew I found my calling. CandleAmor was born.

People say that you should do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life. Believe me, if you want something deeply enough there is nothing stopping you other than yourself. I am so incredibly grateful to be able to share my work with you today. CandleAmor is where the heart is...(mine).