All scents are our hand picked favorites, bringing you both sweet and sultry, and everything in between. Available Scents Lavender: Perfect for soothing away anxiety. Surround yourself in this clean, smooth, calming aroma and transport yourself to your Zen place. Rain Drops: Re-energize your home. Bring it right back to life with this crisp and cleansing scent. Feels like freshly washed clothes. Transport yourself into the depths of a freshly showered rain forest whenever you need a quick restart. Oak: A masculine, fresh musk blend. This invigorating scent is a hit for everyone. Notes of red oak and cedar wood that will fill the airRead More →

If you do not see your question addressed below please send us an email at or just leave a comment below Frequently Asked Questions Q: How many candles will I receive each month? A: Each month you will receive a varied amount of candles ranging in size and burn times, total value between $5o-60. You can expect 2 large candles, 5 or 6 small size candles, or a combination of a big candle and 2 or 3 small candles. The large candles burn slower (last longer) while the smaller candles have shorter burn times. ~ Q: What kind of candles will I receive? A:Read More →

You would be surprised the roller coaster of a life candles really hold. From animal fat, to tree nuts, and crystallized sperm whale oil, all the way to modern day 100% Natural Soy Wax and 100% Synthetic Paraffin Wax, this is how our candles have come to exist. Candles were first made by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago Torches and rush lights were made by soaking reeds in melted animal fat (tallow), but no wick, so they were technically not candles. EARLY WICK CANDLES Romans are credited with the development of wick candles. They dipped rolled papyrus in melted tallow or beeswax. Early Chinese alsoRead More →

The tutorial below is a combination of paraffin and soy wax. CandleAmor has switched over to 100% Soy wax. Check out our newest tutorial to learn about the soy wax process. Leave us your email address to stay up to date on our newest posts and products. Hey! Thanks for popping in, I finally got around to showing you all how I get these rose candles made! I didn’t get into the depths of temperatures and proportions but I did put a visual to everything from mixing my waxes and additives, to revealing the final product. Take a look below and let me know whatRead More →

Welcome to CandleAmors’ newest tutorial. We finally got around to showing you all how we make our new, 100% natural soy wax candles. Take a look below on how we made our burgundy rose pillar. It starts with the ingredients and supplies. We need the wax, two color saving additives, color blocks, and fragrance as ingredients. The following are the supplies: the metal melting pot, kitchen scale, weighting cup, wick, wick stopper, scissors, rubber bands, and wooden mixing stick. Not pictured is the double boiler. Next we combine the ingredients in the melting pot. We add the measured out soy wax pebbles and our twoRead More →