Start Here. Choose Your Monthly Delivery Subscription

Every month is a new celebration. You will receive a surprise combination of candles, all featured on our website, in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Each box retails between $50-60, intermittently including bonus custom selected candle accessories. Select between a monthly re-billable or save with a yearly prepaid membership.

If there is a must-have fragrance or color in your mind you can visit our SHOP and request a custom order.

Our Chandlers Get To Work

Our Chandlers (candle makers) are working hard to select your new monthly theme. We are creating your candles from scratch to ensure the best quality. You will be notified on the 15th of the month that your candles have shipped.

Sit back and relax.... Receive the box at your doorstep and reveal your favorite monthly surprise

Your favorite monthly delivery is on its way! Keep an eye out for your new subscription box. Let our candles surround you with a serene and peaceful atmosphere, where ever you light them.