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All scents are our hand picked favorites, bringing you both sweet and sultry, and everything in between.
Available Scents
Exactly what you are imagining…citrus and bright. This reviving and crisp scent will surround you with a delicious and sweet atmosphere.


Perfect for soothing away anxiety. Surround yourself in this clean, smooth, calming aroma and transport yourself to your Zen place.



Re-energize your home. Bring it right back to life with this crisp and cleansing scent. Transport yourself into the depths of a freshly showered rain forest, whenever you need a quick restart.


Frankincense & Myrrh:

Transport yourself to the calm serenity of a yoga studio, clear your mind, take a deep breath and allow this beautiful scent to work its magic. This sweet and spicy blend is perfect for relaxation and meditation. 


Egyptian Musk:

This spicy, sexy scent is just what you need to set the mood. Notes of musk, vanilla, and jasmine create a warm, seductive scent like no other. The subtle sweetness adds the perfect touch for a romantic night in. 


Golden Musk:

This alluring scent is the perfect balance of playful and seductive. Both sweet and sultry, this scent is just what you need for an enchanting night in.


Citrus & Teakwood:

Sleek and clean. Fresh citrus notes combined with a hint of spiciness surround the home in a bright and vibrant scent, perfect for getting rid of odors and filling the air with a freshly cleaned feeling.


Mango Peach:

This fun and fruity blend is perfect for lightening up any mood and creating summer fun, no matter what time of the year. Fresh, juicy mango with hints of peach and citrus create the perfect balance of sweet, tangy summer fun. 


Coconut Pineapple: (SOLD OUT)

Ready for the beach? This tropical scent fills your home with the delicious aroma of your favorite tropical island. Fruity, fresh, and floral notes blend together seamlessly creating the perfect island destination right in your home. 


Ginger & Frankincense: 

 This deep, masculine scent almost reminds us of a luxury men’s cologne. It will leave your surroundings smelling fresh, clean, and intoxicating. 


White Diamond: (SOLD OUT)

This budding floral scent surrounds your home in springtime fun; vibrant botanical notes blend seamlessly with light powdery accents. 


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